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Non-residents to pay more at Lake Callis

DAVISON TWP. — In the seven years since the Lake Callis Recreation Complex opened, rates for both residents and non-residents have not changed.

But, that is no longer the case for nonresidents after the board of trustees voted 4-1 at its June 13 meeting to raise all non-residents holiday rates after years of seeing high demand during the Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day weekends.

A notice on the Davison Parks and Recreation Facebook page the day after the decision said, “due to the increasingly high demand for Lake Callis Recreation complex on holidays, which results in the necessity for increased staffing, cleaning and security, the Davison Township Board has approved Lake Callis Holiday Rates effective for the remainder of the 2022 season. Annual passes will still be accepted as normal for the 2022 Season.”

Holiday vehicle rates at the front gate to the park are: Residents – $10 per vehicle, resident senior – $8 per vehicle, Non-resident – $25 per vehicle and non-resident senior – $23 per vehicle.

Holiday splash pad rates are: Residents – $3 per person and Non-resident – $5 per person.

Parks and Recreation Director Casey Reed said these rates will not affect individuals with annual passes for vehicles or the splash pad.

Some members of the board said they not only supported an increase in holiday rates but thought the board should consider raising all non-resident rates.

“We should look into raising the non-resident rate,” said Trustee Matt Karr. “Ten dollars for a carload to use the lake all day. I’d like to see the everyday non-resident rate go up.”

Reed said the park has struggled with rising demand for use of the facilities, which affects staffing and security.

She said the park, located off Gale Road between Davison and Lapeer roads, had more than 900 cars on Memorial Day.

“The rates have never gone up since we opened,” said Reed. “Yet, minimum wage has gone up every year.”

Supervisor Jim Slezak, who voted no on the change in rates, said he doesn’t mind non-residents being charged more but wants to keep resident rates the same.

“At least do the holidays now and look at non-residents,” he said. “I think we should be keeping the residents the same for the holidays and daily.”

Treasurer Tim Green said he also thinks the board should look into charging a fee and adding keys or key fob entry for the Davison Dog Park, located just across the street from Lake Callis.

“(Other communities with dog parks) charge a $25 annual fee and the dogs have to have proof they are vaccinated,” said Green. “We would have to put up a gate and have a key fob entry system.”

Reed said there would be an added expense for that and warned some users of the park might let others in with their dogs if they are not monitored.

Green said he doesn’t think responsible dog owners who want a safe place for their dogs to go will let non-members inside when they have the key fob.

“They want their dogs protected,” he said.

The board only acted on the holiday rates June 13. It was not determined if there would be further discussion on increasing everyday non-resident rates at Lake Callis or securing the dog park.