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How to Use My Smart Phone to shed light on using Android phone

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BURTON — Android phone users can be enlightened to how to get the most out of using their phones at the How to Use My Smart Phone class being held at 1 p.m. Jan. 18 at the Burton Senior Activity Center, offered through the Genesee District Library.

“We teach Androids and iPhone separately,” said Ruth Britting, who teaches the class.

“The upcoming class is for Androids,” Britting added.

Britting said most people seeking the class only know how to use 10 percent of their smart phone features: texting and phone calls.

“In the class, I try to introduce them to other features on their smart phone that help their daily lives,” she said.

In general, the class starts with the phone settings.

“A lot of people think if their phones come a certain way they should leave them that way,” Britting said. “But, some things like the size of the font can be changed for people whose vision isn’t as good. There are a lot of features in the settings, such as Bluetooth, which newer cars have so you can listen to audio books or get directions hands free using your Android.”

Another feature Britting teaches about she thinks is quite helpful is the calendar.

“A lot of people just look at the smart phone for the date, but you can hold your hold your whole world there; your individual schedule” Britting said. “I keep all the classes I teach there so at a moment’s notice I know where I need to go. The calendar is quite important to a lot of people, whether they are keeping their doctor’s appointments there or not.”

The smart phone has a feature called a notebook.

“It’s a list of what you don’t want to forget so you can get rid of your sticky notes,” Britting said. “A lot of people can bring it up, but just stare at it. I show them where to find the button that’s going to allow them to then enter their information.”

Britting teaches class participants how they can listen to audio books or music on their phone, using software such as the Libby offered by the library; a free software.

“I listen to books and music while I’m stuck in traffic,” Britting said. “To me, audio books help road rage a lot.”

Britting also teaches participants when to update their phones using their software.

“The phone is like anything else,” Britting said. “It needs to be updated so it has the best functions it can have. Usually, updates help the system so it can make the phone faster.”

Britting said the two hours set aside for the class doesn’t teach smart phone users everything, but she tries to leave them comfortable enough to get them to investigate their smart phone functions further.

“A lot of people just need the general information on using their smart phone, then they can look it more on their own,” she said. “You can do a lot with smart phones!”

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