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Gunshots fired, police on lookout

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BURTON — Residents in the Kings Lane Apartments said they heard several gunshots. Shortly afterwards, a local woman called police and said her boyfriend had been shot. The boyfriend said he was grazed by a bullet, by a suspect from a vehicle. However, he did not know who the suspect was.

“He said he felt a burning sensation when the bullet sounded,” said Det. Don Schreiber of the Burton Police Department. “There were no wounds or marks on him indicating he was shot. I believe the residents heard gunshots, though. It could of even been a ricochet.”

On March 5, after police arrived, the victim told the officer he got paranoid when he felt the sensations after hearing the gunshots earlier and began yelling that he was shot. The victim admitted he had been drinking and smoking marijuana earlier. However, he said he had been shot six times before and knew what it felt like.

“Nobody’s identified anyone as a shooter,” said Schreiber. “We’ve had no witnesses come forward and say they know who it was.”

Unfortunately, this is not the only incident in the area, near the Fenton and Hemphill Road intersection, for which police have not identified a suspect for.

On Feb. 18, a bullet went through an apartment window. Two minors were in the bedroom the bullet entered, within the same vicinity.

When an officer arrived, two adults said they were watching television when they heard a loud crack sound. They said their children came out of a bedroom saying the blinds exploded. A bullet was found to have entered through the east bedroom window. The bullet traveled through the closet and was lodged in a west wall of the closet. The officer was unable to retrieve the bullet from the wall. Fortunately, no one was injured.

“Obviously, we need a lot of cooperation from the residents,” said Schreiber. “If they know something, they should let us know, even if it’s an anonymous tip. It’s for their safety, as well as that of residents in the surrounding areas.”

On Feb. 7, two juvenile males went to an apartment in the same neighborhood with a long gun. They robbed the home’s resident at gun point, taking multiple items from the home.

“The other victim heard an argument in the other room, became scared and jumped out the window,” said Detective David Powell of the Burton Police Department. “So, the suspects got scared and ran out. One of them shot the first person that jumped out the window in the elbow as they were running by.”

Powell said during the course of the investigation, police conducted a search warrant, evidence was secured and an arrest warrant was obtained. A juvenile turned himself in for the crime and is in custody. Another suspect is wanted.

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