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Hip to be Flint: Soul art of the street goes viral

By caRRie RacOSta
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GENESEE COUNTY--Over the past decade numerous talented individuals from all around the county have united as one fiercely positive artistic force, lighting up the hearts and minds of the multitudes in or near the urban landscape hub of downtown Flint.

The cultivated appeal of the local creative pull and pulse has been far reaching, garnering intense intrigue, fanaticism, and a stellar level of respect on the part of the many peering, and then stepping into county borders, on a seemingly continuous magnetic loop.

The social climate has been palpably shining with long overdue recognition for the many singular talents working here, who may never have had an opportunity to showcase their gifts, nor the lone capacity to transform the city with them, if not for a solid bond they helped form and bolster.

The most notable among the creative human gems working their magic around town, are those affiliated with Flint Handmade.

The diverse group has injected a cool factor back into the city, pairing a sense of civic responsibility with the sale of items that bring in much-needed local revenue and appeal.

Flint Handmade is thriving, relentless, industrious, and a vital social mechanism.

With passion in abundance, the group has given so much more to the county than just some fresh hip wares or new aromatic organic soap.

Yes, their products have heart and pure soul poured into them, but their attention and passion pours into more than inanimate objects (although some vendors would wager ‘inanimate’ worthy of debate.)

All about town, and present at nearly every event (hosted or not) Flint Handmade’s appearances aplenty and tremendous volunteer efforts have bolstered area pride, and restored daily compassion to that which is expected and reciprocated.

With a one-two paint-splattered punch of infectious and alluring righton, Flint Handmade have created quite a buzz far beyond the borders of the county with numerous car bumpers, locker doors, and home furnishings across the state sporting the group’s signature sticker logo.

The doubtlessly flattering nod also comes by way of much emulation.

Unique items of popularity crafted by inspired vendors often are imbued with that extra special ‘it’ quality, making each the sort that swiftly garners con- stant keyboard clicks within the expansive social media sphere.

It comes as no surprise (although, it is announced with grand elation) that Flint Handmade are now proud members of the Pinterest community, at pinterest.com/ flinthandmade.

Of course, to get the full sensory experience of a Flint Handmade event or product, members can be seen all over the summer drenched street-filled happenings over the course of the next few months.

Dates worthy of pinning to a social calendar or several, include, The Summer 2015 Art & Craft Street Fair and FREE Craft Supply Swap at the Flint Farmers Market (between First St. and Stevens St, every Saturday in July and August from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.) featuring free craft books, yarn, beads, sewing patterns, and scrapbook items.

The 2nd Friday ArtWalk (downtown, Saginaw St.) is an on-going event of much popularity, sonic stimulation, and social poetic bliss. Flint Handmade are always giddy to be a part of that which brings fanciful delight to visitors, and imparts visual and experienced homage to the heart of those who have faith in the city.

Flint Handmade membership inquires, a detailed list of in-town and around appearances, as well as a comprehensive biographical group history can be found on their main online site. flinthandmade.org.

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