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Spring Craft Market coming May 2

By Carrie RaCosta
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FLINT — The garden of community greatness has been carefully cultivated with great care and motivation in Genesee County for nearly a decade, courtesy of Flint Handmade.

Flint Handmade has plentiful assortment of programs and workshops that bring together people from all walks of life in celebration of area creative union and exposure of the vastly varied talents sprouting into state-wide recognition and beyond.

By firmly planting fortifying roots in the form of many ideas tended to with great care, motivation, and pure zest for the promotion of the colorful bouquet of local artisans, the cultural landscape has been colored in a manner most progressive and optimistic. What was once was a foreboding and seemingly bleak image of the area has transformed the oft-viewed all-gray cityscape with little to offer into something inviting, exciting, and incredibly respected.

Flint Handmade are excited to host one of their oldest and most popular gathering days of the year with the upcoming 8th Annual Spring Craft Market at the Flint Masonic Temple on May 2, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

“We are excited to grow beyond our wildest imagination, “said Crystal Pepperdine, last fall. Pepperdine, the founder of Flint Handmade, and local spirit of optimism seen in ever- action stated this well into a successful run. She continues to act in inspiration, and with as much excitement as day one of her Flint Handmade organization personal turned-social creation.

The group has grown vast in number since 2008, and have with Pepperdine’s unceasing commitment example, planted many socially rich roots of immense beauty and appreciation in the form of numerous social calendar dates throughout the year of hot anticipation.

Flint Handmade has made it possible for those with a knack in a trade to grow into small business owners, thus propelling the economy while offering local and visiting shoppers delights galore in the form of products that cannot be found anywhere else, and certainly not in the retail chains in nearly every city across the nation.

The beloved Spring Craft Market is vendor ready, and about to bloom into the hearts of all with an abundance of original products, activities, and amusing creations for only a $1 entry fee for adults, and free for those 12 and under.

Flint Handmade welcomes their community fans and those new to their colorful events to come out to the Spring Craft Market and find the art in the heart of Flint, in the form of jewelry, vintage finds amplified, crocheted goods, candles, paper crafts, natural bath and beauty products and so much more, made and presented beyond expectation and with pure love and soul.

The Masonic Temple is located at 755 S. Saginaw Street in Downtown Flint, MI 48502.

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