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Book Lover’s Craft Fair at library

By Carrie RaCosta
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GENESEE COUNTY- Flint Handmade came up with a novel idea to host and present a literary-themed craft fair in conjunction with The Genesee District Library.

This Saturday’s shopping event offers bibliophiles an opportunity to buy, admire, or be introduced to complimentary items of interest made by local artists.

“People who often love books, love crafts. There is a large overlap in the reading and crafting community,” said Crystal Pepperdine, founder and executive director of Flint Handmade.

Pepperdine paired with Eileen Button of The GDL to harmoniously bind her love of books with the “the indie and eclectic” offerings of Flint Handmade crafters for her latest concept event.

The First Annual Book Lover’s Craft Fair is one of many passionately cultivated events brought to fruition by Pepperdine and her crew of innovative artists in Genesee County.

Her organization has been a powerful force in the revitalization of downtown Flint in the past decade, joining the arts community with the whole one.

What she implemented in the area formerly had to be sought out online or involved a day trip to Ann Arbor or Detroit.

Flint Handmade, the love child of the early days of The Flint Creative Alliance has produced an ever-increasing respect for the cultural fusion of arts and philanthropy year after year.

They are also largely responsible for restoring a lost magnetic quality to Flint.

“We want people to know that it is safe, fun, and there is so much to offer right here,” said Pepperdine.

The biggest impact of Pepperdine’s passion, and echoed in her acknowledgements; is that she has highlighted the beauty and magic that pre-existed in the hearts and minds of many locals of talent.

The group comprising Flint Handmade have a signature logo, mutual support, and a fervent following that is emerging out of “cult” status. Now they have a platform to sell, dream, and inspire.

The artists design, but they in great interconnectedness; also aim to make a difference.

That combination has packed a positively powerful punch.

It has led to many progressive movements within the county.

What began primarily as a Saginaw St. attraction for the “young and hip” has now become a countywide phenomenon.

The selection of the GDL branch location of Grand Blanc-McFarlen for the first book fair is testament to that widespread appeal.

Craft vendors set to display homemade candles, jewelry, and other items available for purchase will be presenting each with titles originating from novels, or the powerful quotes within their bindings.

“One item a gal is making for the event is embroidered hanging quotes from novels. It is a fabulous marriage of reading books and admiring art,” said Pepperdine.

The first 100 visitors to the fair will receive a door prize bag filled with literary and artistic goodies.

The First Annual Book Lover’s Craft Fair will be held this Sat. Nov. 8 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Grand Blanc- McFarlen Library.

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