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Back to the Bricks Expansion

10th Anniversary Increases Sonic Power and Visual Landscape
By Carrie RaCosta
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FLINT -- There may be no better companion to an amazing car trip than a soundtrack fit for the ride.

It was with grand excitement that promoters, sponsors, and Grand Blanc city representatives joined Back to the Bricks organizers on Monday May 5 to announce the latest Cruise-N-Concert details slated for the evening of Aug. 15 this year, along with a host of new plans and opportunities they are revved up for.

With great pleasure the committee made public the much anticipated return of the rock and roll sonic backdrop featuring crowd pleasers Cadillac Flash who last performed for the event in 2010.

What proves increasingly interesting is the joint plan to have The Flint Symphony Orchestra jam to tunes of rock legends along with Cadillac Flash at a recently acquired vast concert area in the center of all the vehicles, vendors, and excitement- the General Motors Grand Blanc Facility, formerly known to locals as the Weld Tool Center.

The collaboration, a signature integration of artistic styles in the musical back catalogue of the rock and roll era of 60s and 70s classics is great for crowd energy, if not imperative for the fantastic accomplishments of the event in a very short span of time. Back to the Bricks has acquired a quick regard, now reigning in the best of the best, as one of the top 20 car show events in the nation.

Co-Chairman Steve Hobson announced an expected number of participants reaching more than 3,000 this year, and was told it might just be more like 5,000.

It is not just the “gearheads,” as they often dub themselves who flock to the event. Its’ an entire community draw, which also pulls in guests from overseas who ship their classic cars over by boat.

The additions this year lend new visitors a taste, not only of the events magnitude, but of the intense reverence for the industry for which the city has a historically irreplaceable and still faithful connection.

The county served as the womb to automotive greatness never to be forgotten. Back to the Bricks supporters hope with this special anniversary to fuse the culture and revitalization of the arts in downtown Flint, with extended communities in the county to serve as hosts for all those who want to feel comfortable, involved if interested, and inspired.

Present at Monday’s special announcement meeting, and highly supportive Grand Blanc Township Supervisor Micki Hoffman, said “it’s in the DNA out here,” of the love of automobiles and the ensuing passion of those who do, noting Chairman Al Hatch and friends as an example.

She proceeded on stating, “Don’t discount the vision of people in this area. If you start to doubt, look at what Back to the Bricks has done.”

Very little, if any difficulty is expected to exist in regards to finding a spot to sit down and enjoy the event. With the new location, it is more about where to place your blankets on the grass for an entire day of family fun, automotive appreciation, and memory-making.

That expansion paired with the beats on the street was the cause for celebration this week.

With a wide smile GM Director of Media Tom Wickman said, “We invite everyone to come out and party.”

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