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Striking CAREER

Artist finds inspiration in powerful women
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An original acrylic painting of Sophia Loren by Lei Langston. 
Photo provided An original acrylic painting of Sophia Loren by Lei Langston. Photo provided BURTON — Lei Langston decided to start a painting career, another attribute to add to her long list of accomplishments, which include humor advice columnist, print author and indie film actress.

Three years ago Langston decided she would pick up acrylic paints with the intention of having her artwork exhibited and eventually sold to the public. Her inspiration comes from beautiful and powerful women.

“I am painting female celebrities that I find to be striking in the pictures and I am painting them; I am doing my own version,” she said.

Her goal is to create 20 pieces of work before actively looking for a place to exhibit. Downtown Flint’s Buckham Gallery is one exhibit place she has in mind. To get people interested, Langston created a video of her painting Iman, supermodel and wife of rock legend David Bowie.

Langston posted the video on her website which gets about 700 hits per day. She created the video because she wanted to “see how it looks from one step to the next” to paint a piece of artwork.

Painting was always something she wanted to do but didn’t know if she could.

“I think from every painting it gets a little bit better. Practicing is what makes you get better,” said Langston, when asked how she has learned the art of painting. “Just having the interest in it is why I started painting and thinking ‘why not.’ I just did it.”

Langston specializes in acrylic painting. Some of the other paintings that are in her collection are Whitney Houston, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren. “They are all beautiful and powerful icons of our time and I want to see if I can interpret their beauty in my paintings.”

It is important to Langston she stay true to herself.

“I try not to let other people’s work influence me too much I want to make sure the paintings are authentically me,” she said as to why she started painting.” It relaxes me, too.”

It is important to Langston the

Burton community knows no matter how negative people can be in the environment it is “necessary to be positive.” She also thinks people can make a difference in the community by staying true to themselves and following their dreams.

In addition to painting, Langston is a certified HIV Prevention Specialist and testing counselor with Wellness AIDS Services, Inc. of Flint.

Langston’s work can be found at www.dangerouslee.biz.

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