2011-12-08 / Viewpoint

City’s attitude is “atrocious”

Over the past couple of weeks, numerous articles have brought to light the difficulty that Danny Wells has had in obtaining information from the city of Burton through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).

This is not an isolated incident. In response to Councilman Smith’s question, “We just spent $85,000 on technology. Have we rectified this situation?”— the answer is sadly, no, Mr. Smith, apparently we have not.

Until we get public employees who are actually public friendly and willing to work with the public, this problem will persist.

I, too, am having difficulty in retrieving information from Burton. It seems Burton has a lot of secrets and much to hide. Why?

In my case, I have been told repeatedly for many years, by DPW, of the existence of a document pertaining to an issue that I and my neighbors have an interest in. Now that I have asked to see said document, DPW is being very evasive. A member of DPW has told me that retrieval of this document will definitely take many hours, that it may be out in the “pole barn,” and that it ultimately may not even exist.

Yet they want to charge me an exorbitant amount just to find out IF this document that DPW has been touting for years, even exists! How ludicrous is that, Mr. Smith?! With the exception of a very few, our Burton city employees attitude toward the taxpayers who pay their wages seems to be totally atrocious! — Doris Hilts, Burton

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